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Ciode, Investment Gold, are a specialized company not only to sell gold but also silver, diamonds and jewels.

On the contrary that the rest, in the valuation and purchase of pieces with diamonds and jewels of considerable value and importance, reason why as a rule we make the valuations highest of the market. It would advise to him that if has interest in selling gold or its jewels it sends them to be analyzed and thus to be able to do the best supply to him in order that it can solve his problems with the greater possible rapidity. We trust being able to help him and to offer solutions to him to its problem.

Envienos by electronic mail its request to sell gold This electronic direction this prote'ge'e against Spam bots. This prote'ge'e against Spam needs to activate Javascript to visualize it This electronic direction bots. She needs to activate Javascript to visualize it a description of the metal to sell, indicating the characteristics to us of the metal, either or are currencies or ingots: amount and weight in grams

In case it is possible:

  • If they are currencies: name of the currency, units and weight
  • If they are ingots: it marks of the ingot, purity weight and numeration

The valuation criteria are based on the weight in grams and the quality of the metal

The Premises can sell gold in our offices located in Madrid (c Sancho the 25 Davilas. Madrid 28028) or sending them by mail to the same direction. But please it remembers to consult the prices of gold before selling gold in Spain.






634,61€ 583,85€ + 18% IVA
2009 Extreme Stop Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin
2009 Extreme Stop Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin
1.387, 57€ 1,345, 94€


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CIODE, Center Investment Gold Spain Diamonds, is a company formed by a team of specialists whose primary target is to advise and to facilitate the gold investment, silver (ingots or currencies) and diamonds, as much to individuals as to organizations, approaching through a periodic advising and objective our proposals of investment to all those clients that they look for in the acquisition of our products, a safe and profitable value in the medium and long term. We invited to the visit of this Web site to him, to consult the price of gold and hoped to be able to advise the best thing to him than we know.

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