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The Demand of Gold explodes

Thursday, 13 of August of 2009 Joaquin 09:17
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The demand by Gold explodes

Writing by Martin

According to a recent study of the World-wide Gold Council, the by this precious material has operated between the investors in the last months, but apparently the consumers have decided to cling to their gold jewels.

Within the study an increase of 38% is indicated that the total of gold I reach the 1,016 tons in the first three months of the year, marking; whereas the of gold for investments has grown 248% until the 596 tons.

We must say that this increase is not a great surprise, considering that the gold generally is seen like a relatively safe investment in the days of crisis and a way to take shelter against a future inflation.

In order to demonstrate that the of gold for investments did not grow without any base, the report also explains that the by gold jewels fell 24%, which means that people do not want gold to use it but to assure her money.

As they can imagine, this report indicates that the cost of the consumers in nonessential elements as the new jewels and cars one has been of the most struck by the crisis, something little surprising.

In spite of this fall, it is necessary to say that the Chinese by gold jewels grew 3%, on which the advice said that it reinforces the idea that the Chinese economy stays reinforced against the other developed economies.

In order to finish we must remember that the price of gold has increased from the 700 dollars the ounce in November more than 900 dollars at this moment.

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