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10 Reasons by which of investing in gold

Thursday, 13 of August of 2009 Joaquin 09:26
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The gold always has been wealth symbol and gold is saving symbol in the long term.
It is taken like investment refuge when the stock markets or the economic indices are not walking very or like in years of crisis or war.
From the point of view of the great investment funds it is an investment alternative.
Their price this controlled by any government and the politicians cannot influence in.
The cost abrir a new mine of exploration costs a 30% more than to do five years. This will be definitively an incentive so that the price begins to raise quickly.
One calculates that the gold reserves, to the rate of extraction of the present subsoil would not last but of 15 years.
By Yield. In these last three years, the yield went inferior to 18%
It is an accepted currency world-wide without great costs nor difficulties of change.
Their purchases are tax-free.
It can quickly conduct operations of purchase and easy gold sale through and from its house.

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