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The gold will arrive at the 1,300 dollars?

Tuesday, 18 of August of 2009 Joaquin 22:28
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The gold will reach the 1,300 dollars?

Published by Navy Sinibaldi - 25/05/09 to the 10:05: 15 a.m.



The Gold has transformed into a value refuge almost since the beginning of economic the financial crisis, there by 2008 principles. As it could not be of another way, when growing the demand of the precious metal paralelamente to a contraction of the supply, the price of gold raised.

But the markets have seen certain recovery and the then gold entered a zone of inestabiliad in its price. At the moment, the price amesetó about the 900 - 950 dollars the ounce, but its crossed future is a mystery.

Nevertheless, a recent report realized by JP Morgan indicates that the price of gold could arrive at 1d300 dollars in next the twelve months. As much? The same report says the causes: From the beginning of the contraction of the world-wide credit it has increased the gold investment since the investors are finding in the precious metal a refuge that provides a cover against the inflation.

The price maintains not only by the law of the supply and the demand, but also by the last firmness of this on the part of quoted bottoms, investment funds and great investors, looking for security and refuge in the gilded metal.

The same specialists say that in order year the price of gold could be crossing the 1,000 €, and advancing in 2010 until the 1,200 or 1,300 dollars, by the fears of a rise of the inflation and to the low production.


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