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The gold will raise in 2010 by inflaccionarios fears

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The gold would raise in 2010 by inflationary fears

Published by Navy Sinibaldi - 08/08/09 to the 09:08: 39 a.m.



The gold has been constituted in one of the main options of investment of the moment. Not as much by its present price, that is really high, but by its future perspective.

Calyon, the inflationary division of investment bank of the French bank Crédit Agricole, esteem that the prices of gold will be pushed the next year by a weaker dollar and preoccupations.

This would happen even though that the attractiveness of the ingot as less risky assets could fall due to the improvement in the economic perspective. As well, the organization hopes that the price of gold will divide equally 935 dollars the east ounce year, raising 975 dollars in the 2010 and 1,025 dollars in the 2011.

A weaker American currency gives support to the demand by gold, because it makes more sales the quoted raw materials in the North American currency for the possesors of other currencies, whereas the increasing inflationary expectations - great part fed by the set out reason props up the attractiveness of the ingot like refuge.


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