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The interest by the investment gold currencies appears again

Tuesday, 18 of August of 2009 Joaquin 22:41
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The interest by the investment gold currencies appears again

Published by Navy Sinibaldi - 14/07/09 to the 02:07: 21 a.m.


There are several forms to invest in gold. From buying gold with bottoms quoted, to buying gold by means of ingots. But one of the forms easiest to buy gold is by means of the investment in currencies.

The currency “is worth its price in gold?, he is small and easily transferable, and it is possible to be commercialized almost without restrictions in the market. perhaps most famous it is the Krugerrand, although there are many others.

Recently the most basic form of investment in gold has appeared again: the purchase of these currencies. A report of the House of the Currency of the USA gives account that a total of 670,500 currencies of gold of investment American Eagle has been sold in the USA from year beginnings - in June 116,000 currencies were only bought and informs that the majority of them is bought like investment.

The American Eagle is the gold currency coined by the USA, whose emitter is the U.S. Mint.ç

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