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List and refiners of silver accepted by London Bullion Market

Tuesday, 18 of August of 2009 Joaquin 23:10
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List of good acceptable delivery refiners: Silver

Monday 10 of August 2009

The following one is a list of the silver refiners, whose great bars demonstrate that they fulfill the norms required when initially tried.

The inclusion in this list does not constitute nor implies any representation or guarantee by the LBMA like the solution or as far as the services or the given goods or of quality or the fulfillment of all the corresponding specifications. Person in charge does not become of the direct or consequent loss, of which is his cause, either by negligence or of another type, or by the use of this list or relation to the mentioned thing, she is accepted by the LBMA.

If a bar has more of a test seal, the lowest number measures will be taken.


AGR Matthey  --Newburn, From 24.1.03
Mark: AGR MATTHEY oval around three I sweep piled up
Port Pirie Nyrstar Pty Ltd  --Port Pirie
(previously Zinifex Limited; effective change 1.9.07)
Mark: BHAS


Umicore SA, Unit of precious metal Business  --Hoboken, From 1930 (considered)
Mark: Umicore and the logo of the company over word HOBOKEN and 9999


KCM-SA, Plovdiv  --Plovdiv, From 8.9.99
Mark: KCM - Bulgaria the diamond SA and logo


Teck Cominco Ltd  --Trail
Mark: Tadanac
Johnson Limited Matthey  --Brampton, From 19.12.01
Mark: JM and hammers diamond cruzados surrounded by Johnson Matthey Canada
Xstrata Canada Corporation  --Montreal
It marks from 16.02.07: RCC

China, People's Republic of

Guangxi Chengyuan Mining and Smelting Co., Ltd  --Hechi City, From 20.07.09
Mark: Artistic followed G of a Roman CY.
Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd  --Tongling City, From 10.9.03
It marks from 20.01.08: JINGCHANG metal Smelting nonferrous TONGLING. CHINA Chinese characters under the inscription “copper helmet” with the logo of down and TG “copper helmet” test marks
Daye Nonferrous Metals Company  --The province of Hubei, From 05.02.07
Mark: Roman DAJIANG and in Chinese characters.
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Mark: CCM circuit of metal under the logo
Shandong Zhaojin de Oro and Plata of refinery Co Ltd  --Zhaoyuan City, From 13.23.07
Mark: Triangle with two interlaced semicircles and ZHAOJIN in Chinese characters in the triangle.
The Great Gold Wall and Silver of refinery of China  --Chengdu
Mark: Refining by the Great Gold Wall and Silver in the oval of refinery around the Great Chinese Wall and the logo and the seal of test
Henan Yuguang Gold and lead Company Ltd  --Jiyuan City, From 12.11.02
Mark: YG in diamond in center between China and the test mark
Zhuzhou Smelting Group Co., Ltd  --Zhuzhou, From 1.1.99
previously known like Hunan Zhuzhou nonferrous metals Smelting the company
Mark: ZY in diamonds and CHINA
Inner Mongolia Qiankun de Oro and Plata of refinery To share Company Limited  --Huhhot, From 6.6.00
Mark: Logo of head of horse surrounded by QIANKUN GOLD AND Roman SILVER and in Chinese characters and test marks with Chinese characters of Inner Mongolia, China, in Chinese characters and Latin characters CHINA
Shenzhen Zhongjin Lingnan Nonfemet Company Limited  --Shaoguan, From 28.2.02
Mark: NH within three tips and NH ensayador logo in rectangle
Hunan Shuikoushan nonferrous metals Group Co Ltd  --Changning City, From 13.5.03
Previously known like Shan Shui Kou Table Mining of China.
Copper of Yunnan Industry Co Ltd  --Kunming, From 18.3.04
Mark: It ties rectangle that contains Chinese characters Feng low and TF in the triangle, more by virtue of the law marks YCC


C.W. Heraeus GmbH  --Hanau
Mark: Heraeus Hanau in rectangle
Gold allgemeine Silberscheideanstalt A.G.  --Pfrozheim, From 11-6-2008
Mark: Previous Allgemeine logo (a small circle inside the circumference of a great circle)
Aurubis Ag (before Norddeutsche Affinererie Ag)--Hamburg, From 01-04-09
Mark: Norddeutsche Affinerie Hamburg in rectangle and NA


Chimet SpA  --Arezzo, From 18. 5,81
Mark: Chimet Trattamento Metalli Preziosi Badia To Pine AR in oval


Asahi Pretec Corp  --Saijo, From 11.7.00
Mark: Enclosing diamond letters AKK
Metals and Mining dowa Co Ltd  --Kazuno.
Mark: Circle enclosing two hammers cruzados and dowa character
Ishifuku metal Industry Co Ltd  --Soka, From 1934
Mark: Ishifuku Tokyo in round circle japonés' roll 'character
House of the Currency of Japan  --Osaka, From 1997
Mark: JAPANESE Japanese Roman writing and OSAKA MINT around the leaf oval symbol
Matsuda Sangyo Co., Ltd. --Iruma, From 11.1.00
Mark: Matsuda ensayador Tokyo-Melter in oval with H
Mitsubishi materials Corporation  --Kagawa.
Mark: Three diamonds mark
Mitsui Mining and Smelting Co., Ltd  --Takehara
Mark: EMK JIS test with mark and serial number before T
Mitsui Mining and Smelting Co., Ltd  --Kamioka.
Mark: EMK JIS test with mark and serial number before K
Nippon Mining & Metals Co., Ltd. --Hitachi
Mark: Nippon Mining logo and HM
Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. --Saijo.
Mark: Sumitomo logo
Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K.  --Hiratsuka
Mark: Tanaka and the logo
Toho zinc Co., Ltd. --
Mark: TAK and the logo
Tokuriki Honten Co., Ltd. --Shobumachi, From 4.83 -.
Mark: Tokuriki Tokyo Melters Assayers in round circle Japanese “Toku” character


Kazzinc Joint Company Stock  --Ust-Kamenogorsk, From 14.3.95
Mark: Streamlined K and Kazajistán in oval Cyrillic alphabet in with red deer running. The year of production is as a number of four digits and the bar is the weight in ounces troy and metric.

Korea, Republic of

Korea of the zinc Co Ltd  --Onsan, From 31.1.01
Mark: 1974 COREA DE ZINC CO, LTD., in the circle around KZ
Inc. LS-Nikko Cobre  --Ulsan, From 19.4.91
Mark: Ls ls logo and ensayador Melter in rectangle


Met-Mex Peñoles SA  --Tower
Mark: Product of Peñoles in Mexico CB rectangle y Met-Mex Peñoles SA, in oval form. (Pneumatic of final perforation of the bar)

The Netherlands

Argentia B.V  --Moerdijk, From 10.11.06
Mark: A decagon enclosing ARGENTIA ® and precious metals RECYCLING
Schöne Edelmetaal B.V  --Amsterdam, Since before 1972
Mark: Umicore logo of the company over word FEINSILBER


Doe Run Peru SRL  --The Basket
Mark: CP Peru


KGHM Polska SA Miedz  --Glogow, From 17.3.95


Joint nonferrous metal Stock Company Ekaterinburg Plant Processor  --Ekaterinburg, From 28.4.99
Mark: Ekaterinburg logo, Cyrillic and EB Россия (“Russia” in the Cyrillic alphabet) in the oval
Company Federal Estatal Novosibirsk refinery  --Novosibirsk, From 28.4.99
Mark: Novosibirsk logo, Cyrillic and n Россия (“Russia” in the Cyrillic alphabet) in the oval
Open Joint Company Stock “the Gulidov Krasnoyarsk nonFerrous Metals of Plants” (OJSC “Krastvetmet”)  --Krasnoyarsk, From 2.6.99
Mark: Krasnoyarsk logo, Cyrillic and KR Россия (“Russia” in the Cyrillic alphabet) in the oval
Prioksky Planta de nonFerrous Metales  --Kasimov Riazán, From 24.6.99
Mark: Prioksky logo, Cyrillic and Россия PA (“Russia” in the Cyrillic alphabet) in the oval
Company of state property Shyolkovsky Factory of Secondary of Precious Metals  --Shyolkovo, From 28.4.99
Mark: Shyolkovsky logo, Cyrillic and SCH Россия (“Russia” in the Cyrillic alphabet) in the oval
Open Joint Stock Company Kolima refinery  --Khasyn, From 01.9.06
Mark: Logo of the company and Россия (“Russia” in the Cyrillic alphabet) in the oval
JSC Uralelectromed  --Verkhnyaya, From 24.08.04
Mark: Logo of the company and Россия (“Russia” in the Cyrillic alphabet) in the oval

South Africa

Rand Limited Refinery  --Germiston
Mark: Rand Limited and test of refinery mark


SEMPSA Joyeria Plateria, SA  --Community of Madrid
Mark: Society Española de Metales Preciosos SA in round circle Refining Smelters and stars


Mineral Boliden AB  --Skelleftehamn
Mark: Boliden with logo


Argor-Heraeus SA  --Mendrisio, From 24.6.92
Mark: Argor-Heraeus SA in round circle AH logo and Switzerland and ensayador Melter with AH logo in rectangle
Metalor Technologies SA  --Marin
Mark: Metalor ® marks and determination that shows Essayeur Fondeur with the GP in the triangle
PAMP SA  --Castel San Pietro, From 1.10.95
Mark: PAMP logo and Switzerland, and in Essayeur Fondeur rectangle with logo PAMP
Valcambi SA  --Balerna
Mark: SUISSE Valcambi test with mark (a rectangle that locks up in a circle CHI and Fondeur ESSAYEUR)


To pave Applied Materials Technology Corp.  --Liouying, From 12-6-2008
Mark: TO PAVE APPLIED MATERIALS TAIWAN inside the circumference of a circle, a Black face Spatula

The United Kingdom

Britannia Refined Metals Ltd  --Gravesend, From 1931
Mark: 999 with BLCO in shield
JBR limited recovery  --West Bromwich, From 1992
Mark: JBR oval round Ltd Recovery in 999
Limited Thessco  --Sheffield, From 1.7.95
Mark: Thessco with 999 or 9999 in the octagon


Johnson Inc. Matthey --Salt Lake City, From 3.3.89
Mark: Johnson Matthey, with JM and hammers diamond cruzados and JMI Determination round Office in oval SLC with a seal of date of four digits.
Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation  --Magma
Mark: Kuc
Metalor EE.UU. Refining Corporation  --North Attleboro, From 18.2.91
Mark: Metalor ESP ® and ensayador of the mark including the year


Mining and metallurgical complex Almalyk (AMCC)  --Almalyk, From 23.10.96
Mark: Cyrillic and Roman Uzbekistan in script in round circle world and with logo AMMC ensayador Melter in rectangle

Ex- Melters and Assayers of good entregaPlata Bars

The following list includes

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