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England. tails to buy gold in London

Wednesday, 18 of November of 2009 Joaquin 07:31
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People look for protection in gold against the crisis.

The present financial crisis has originated a strong demand of gold, value traditional refuge, as they testify the tails that have formed lately in front of ATS Bullion, British company dedicated to the precious metal commerce.

“A strong demand has taken place. Very few are selling gold, which explains the tails”, the managing director of that company declared to the newspaper “The Guardian”, with soothes in London.

The manufacturers of currencies and ingots see them and are desired you to satisfy the increasing demand, and the existence does not stop decreasing, mainly with regards krugerrand, the currency of greater circulation in the world.

The Rand Refinery, manufacturer of that currency of surafricano origin, at the moment works to total yield just as the Austrian mint, that makes the “Vienna Philharmonic”, whereas the U.S. Mint has been forced to suspend the sales of the “American Buffalo” because it was remaining without provisions.

According to “The Guardian”, many livened up investing have realized of which one ounce in gold currencies costs less than one ounce of gold, and so they can make a fast benefit.

Thus, the price of the gold, that surpassed the barrier of the thousand dollars this year, has lowered to about 880 dollars the ounce whereas the currency “American Eagle”, of one ounce, was lately sold to 789,95 dollars and the “Buffalo”, to 800 dollars.

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