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World-wide gold reserves

Wednesday, 18 of November of 2009 Joaquin 07:34
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Esteem that the central banks and the national possessions of the governments accumulate a 20.5% of all the gold of the world, that is to say, 29,634 tons of gold.

But the question is: Which are the countries what more gold own?

Official data of the gold reserves of the spread central banks in a recent report of the World-wide Council of Gold (World Gold Council - WGC) published in September of the 2009.

1. The United States (the USA)
The USA guards 8,946, 9 tons of gold.

2. Germany
The Deutsche Bundesbank guards 3,749, 1 tons of gold.

3. Monetary bottom International (FMI)
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) guards 3,539 tons of gold.

4. Italy
The Bank D' Italy guards 2,697 tons of gold.

5. France
Banque de France guards 2,689, 6 tons of gold.

6. China
China guards 1,159, 4 tons of gold.

7. Switzerland
The Schweizer Nationalbank guards 1,144, 1 tons of gold.

8. Japan
The Bank of Japan guards 841.7 tons of gold.

9. The Netherlands (Holland)
The Netherland Bank guards 673.8 tons of gold.

10. Russia
The Bank Power station of the Russian Federation guards 625.2 tons of gold,
also it has increased the production of gold in a 21% in the first 7 months of the 2009.

11. European central bank (BCE)
The Central European Bank (ECB) guards 551.5 tons of gold.

12. Taiwan
Taiwan guards 466 tons of gold.

13. Portugal
The Bank of Portugal guards 420.8 tons of gold.

14. India
Reserve Bank of India guards 393.5 tons of gold.

15. Venezuela
The Bank of Venzuela guards 392 tons of gold.

Web of the World-wide Council of Gold: World Gold Council (WGC)

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