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On gold there is much to say. Although, all we are customary to evaluate jewels by the amount of gold used in its manufacture, this precious metal is much more that a decoration element.

The gold is the main friend of the investors when the difficult times arrive, a value deposit whose price is inflated when the economy goes in bite, soon to fall when the things begin to march better. In a practice that has been carried out during decades, the main investors shelter in him great volumes of capitals when a recession comes near, of form to keep the value from their assets when the instability dominates the financial markets.

It is truth, is a very questionable speculative practice, because he distorts excessively by the financial markets and creates majors difficulties when the economy of the world is on the brink of the precipice. But beyond all moral evaluation, it is a common practice and for this reason, he must be considered at the time of evaluating the markets.

New studies predict the short term evolution of the prices of gold. Today located in US$ 906.40, the ounce of gold will fluctuate during 2008 between a minimum of 810 US$ and maximum that US$ 1,000 will surpass, according to London consultant GFMS.

This important breach must to the sensitivity of the financial markets and to the increasing agitation that the increasing possibility of a recession generates in the United States. During the 2007, the demand of gold by reason investment was placed in 12%. This year that number will see sudden flight strongly when the storm comes near still more and the investors retire their capitals of the stock markets.

Simultaneously, an unexpected reduction of the supply offers to the prices a strong incentive him so that they continue in his bullish race. The problems of power supplying in the South African mines do not allow to in a while operate the 100% of their potential in which the prices allow an increase of the extraction.

This way, is expected a 2008 in that one after another one, the historical maximums in the price of gold are surpassed, fruit of the terror of the economic agents and the hard misfortunes that crosses the mining industry.

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22 of November of 2007, 8h42 To invest in gold?

The gold is a metal that traditionally has symbolized prosperity and wealth.

- The gold is a metal that traditionally has symbolized prosperity and wealth. The gold investments not always are stable due to their peculiar subjections, but it is demonstrated that they work in the long term.

- Derivative of the first clause, the gold supposes a source of alternative investment to stock-market that can be very beneficial, although with fluctuations difficult to anticipate.

- The gold investment reaches all their sense and yield at those times at which suffers the economic apparatus of a State and when the stock-exchange indices do not enjoy a positive dynamics.

- The gold acts like balsam or ideal refuge for those situations of certain economic stagnation due to its political independence of the monetary, always tie control units to the interests of the States and its needs.

- The price of the ounce of gold, unit of measurement that is equivalent to 34.1033 grams of the metal, is subject to the amount of gold that is extracted every year. As to set off a mine more year costs after year, the price has increased gradual in the last lustrum, and the tendency seems to stay.

- In any case, like so many other resources of our planet the gold is a finite metal that is in continuous regression, collaborating in the ascent of its monetary valuation.

- The expectations - according to the experts of survival of this precious metal they are not very encouraging. To the rate of present operation, it is possible that the gold reserves are totally harvested in less than 20 years.

- In spite of being it does not coin valid in the ordinary commercial transactions, the gold is accepted like currency of change by everybody.

- To realize commercial interchanges with gold like change currency, different platforms exist that allow to realize them without leaving house, through the network.

- Even though that its yield fluctuates every year, the investments done with gold have a definitive advantage on the rest; they are released of taxes.




The gold could surpass 2,000 $ east lustrum


this lustrum could surpass the 2,000 dollars

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(Digital Freedom) In the last two years the price of the ounce of gold (of 31 grams) has been duplicated when happening of little more than 500 dollars to almost the 1000 to which it quotes at present. Although it has broken long ago its reached historical record in 1980, when it got to quote to near 860 dollars, the analysts of the metal consultant GFMS Ltd, consider that, to the present prices - is to say, discounting to the inflation gold would have to surpass the 2,000 dollars the ounce to beat this mark.

At the moment, the excess of liquidity in dollars (due to the slope of the types of interest of the Federal Reserve), the more and more clear weakness of the American currency and the forecasts of inflation make think that many investors return to take refuge in gold. And in such case, they could return to be reached levels like those of 1980.

According to the analysts of, the fear to the inflation, the geopolitical tensions and the information of the CAT (Anti-trust Committee of Gold) of which the central banks own less gold del than they declare officially, could shoot to the price of gold over the 2,000 dollars the ounce. Of this same opinion he is Daniel Rizzo, director of sales of that assures that the ounce will be over the 1,100 dollars in 2009 and will reach the 2,000 in next the five years.

On the other hand, Jeffrey Nichols, chief of a main directorate of the company American Precious Metals Advisers have said that it would not surprise “to even see to him gold operating up to 1,100 dollars (the ounce) or 1,200 dollars before 2008 ends ″. “And, with the correct integration of economic and geopolitical aspects, we could see an advance of gold 1,500 dollars or even 2,000 dollars in the next years?, have affirmed.

The experts of oroyfinanzas remember that, already in 2006, a report signed by the British bank Cheuvreux, of Crédit Agricole, he aimed indeed at this possibility, since the gold works “as an early alert of crisis? and at present “is a supply deficit on the demand of 700 tons?. In addition, the report considers that the real reserves of the central banks could be of 10,000 to 15,000 tons below the 31,000 recognized in that year.

But, according to Solbes, “the gold no longer is profitable?

According to the Country the past published day 20 of January the newspaper, the Bank of Spain almost sold between the 2005 and year past half of its gold reserves - a total of 7.7 million ounces for 3,500 million Euros, with a benefit of 2,500 million. If the Bank of Spain had sold today its gold, would have won more than 1,000 million additional Euros.

The Bank of Spain takes to months selling its gold reserves. The past 7 of June, to questions of a senator of the Popular Party on the reasons of this policy, the vice-president of the Government and minister of Economy, Pedro Solbes, explained that she became because “the gold no longer is profitable? and prefers to acquire other assets that occupy their place. From that day, in little more than eight months, the gold has been revalued more of a 50 percent, when happening from the 650 to almost the 1000 dollars to which it quotes at present.

There are numerous analysts who observe a behavior agreed and coordinated by the central banks to sell gold and to avoid in this way that its quote raises too much and acts like “informer? of a possible financial crisis. It is the case of the Gold Anti Trust Action Committee (CAT) or of analysts like John Embry. However, these ideas universally are not shared.

The 26 of September of 1999 fourteen European central banks plus the BCE signed the “Power station Bank Gold Agreement?, by which they decided to limit the joint sales of gold 400 tons annual. In 2004, when it overcame the agreement, one renewed, but increasing the maximum amount of 400 to 500 tons annual between the 15 central banks. The sales in 2006 reached the 390 tons, but one recent information aims at that they could return to raise the level of sales until the 500 tons.

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Reasons to buy gold. Digital freedom

The published news 04-11-2007

LD (Ana Diaz and J.C. The Rodriguez) In spite of the controverted explanations of Pedro Solbes, the tremendous increase of the inflation in the month of October - nothing less than nine the tenth lifted price of the crude one - in historical maximums and way of the 100 dollars the barrel and the declarations realized recently by the Organization of United Nations for Agriculture and the Feeding (the FAO) and Federation of Industries of Feeding and Bebidas (FIAB), that augurs a global crisis in the prices of foods, do not do more than to increase the attractiveness of gold like investment.

The gold was used during many centuries like currency of change at economic level. In the Average Age one began to keep in ingots and during century XIX and leaves from the XX, this metal was the unique reference of international the financial system. In spite of the good operation, the gold standard finished disappearing with the arrival of World War I.

Nowadays all we are conscious of the perverse effects of the inflation in our pockets, since it diminishes our spending power, it disorders the productive system and it favors the capital consumption. From the crisis of years 70, all the political leaders and the economic people in charge speak to control the inflation, but the reality sample that enters year 1950 and the 2000, the peseta is lost a 82 percent of their value, whereas the gold has always followed worked like value refuge, according to it comes off the report “the gold standard and the inflation in Spain? (made by the Institute Juan de Mariana. According to the official data, gathered and analyzed in this report, 40 years, the dollar is lost 21.5 times its value with respect to gold and pound 29?.

Reasons to buy gold

The main reasons for which to invest in gold they are: that one is a “currency? other people's to the control of any Government and, therefore, other people's to the “political swings?. That the inflation devaluates the value of traditional tickets to huge steps. And that is free of the Tax on Valor Añadido (IVA), according to chapter V of the special Regime of Gold of Investment.

The experts in investment advise that to constitute a patrimony that combines the yield and solidity it must invest between a 5 and 10 percent of the money available in gold, other precious metals or in diamonds. Joaquin Van den Brule, of the Center of Investment of Gold and Diamonds of Spain (CIODE), thinks that the ideal is to invest around a 15 percent of the gold patrimony. He considers that, besides its value like refuge, the gold has begun to be profitable in the last four years, although advise to his clients who in the medium and long term use the appraised metal like an investment.

CIODE is one of the few institutions that are dedicated to buy gold and on sale of gold in Spain. It has a thousand of clients and far from which it can seem they are to a large extent of middle-class and upper middle. Workers with an average pay who have a leftover invest and it in gold to protect themselves of the oscillations of stock-market and the mortgages. Van den Brule also advises to use this investment facing the retirement since, as it is the population pyramid, the young people of 20 or 30 years are very difficult that they can have a pension with which to do against its future expenses.

Although the benefits of the investment seem obvious, this option continues being little usual in Spain and nowadays it is difficult to invest in gold in our country, partly because there is no tradition. As well as Switzerland, Germany or Belgium can be acquired ingots in the banks or the commercial premises specialized and to deposit them in the banks without no additional requirement to those of any other banking operation; in Spain, the small investor lacks information and not even the banks are able to advise to their clients on the matter. They prefer to sell mortgages and investment funds that have a greater margin of intermediation.

Where and how to buy gold

Most important at the time of buying gold it is to make sure his purity (999 are the principle) and, in case of being an ingot, that it has a die recognized internationally, as it can be Sempsa Platería Jewelry shop, the unique Spanish mark that has international certificate for the gold ingot sale. According to Van den Brule, of CIODE, also it is very important to request the invoice, since to part of being obligatory legally it is the unique form to know from where the metal comes. In addition, he is recommendable that the ingots take a certificate of the company that makes the ingot where it indicates the weight, the mark, the law, the number of identification and the date of manufacture.

With respect to the weight, it is necessary to consider that, to greater amount, less is pleased by each gram of gold, reason why is advisable to buy ingots of 100, 500 or 1,000 grams.

Perhaps the immediate form to buy gold is by means of jewels. But the acquisition costs are very high and other factors are valued much that are not their content in the appraised metal. In addition, it is the form of gold possession that is easier to lose in a robbery.

Another form is the purchase of currencies. For it is necessary to go to specialistic salesmen, but on the one hand also he is expensive, since the minting is received. And it is easy, for a salesman with few scruples, to sell currencies with the reduced gold content without it notices the buyer. For that reason, it is important that the buyer knows clearly that the ounce troy is 31.10 grams of fine gold and that pays reason why it takes the currency, not by its gross weight. For example, one of the currencies more known the world is the 50 Mexican pesos, also called Centennial. This currency weighs raw 41.66 grams, but it only takes 37.5 of fine gold. The recommendable thing is to buy ounces of gold, independent of which the currencies weigh raw.

CIODE considers that the safest option at the time of investing in gold currencies is the South African Krugerrand, that weighs 33 grams and has 31.10 of fine gold. Other advisable ones, as much by their purity as by their numismatic value, would be Chinese the Panda, the Canadian Maple, the North American Eagle, the Nuget, the Australian Lunar Calendar, the 50 Mexican Pesos, the Philharmonic Austrian or the English Britania, since they quote to similar prices that the metal and is done by the Houses of the Currency of the respective countries of minting.

Also it is necessary to consider that some have been revalued by their beauty. Concretely Panda of 1982, that is when the collection began, is not bought less than by 2,500 dollars, when its present quote is of 625 Euros. The main advantage that they have with respect to ingots is that if the investor equivocation, the margin of losses is smaller.

Nevertheless, the cheapest form with difference to acquire gold is in ingots, especially if he is not small. There are numerous pages in Internet that facilitate those purchases. Only Gold in the United States, Gold Line in the United Kingdom or CIODEen Spain, is only some examples. The main problem that has the physical acquisition of gold, besides the derivatives of the transport, is its safekeeping. The professional investors invest in bars of about 12 kilos, but its high cost practically leaves out of play to numerous small and medium investors




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