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The Centro Company Investment Gold Diamonds LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY always makes the maximum so that it has information of high quality. However, we cannot take responsibility to guarantee the present time, correction, integrity, quality or availability to him of the proportionate information.

The responsibility falls to the operators of the Web site, that talks about the damages of material type or ideological, which they had been caused by means of of the use or nonuse of the presented/displayed information or through use of incorrect or incomplete information, it is practically impossible, supposing that on the part of the operators deliberate or highly negligent probable lack does not exist. All the supplies are without commitment.

We reserved the right explicitly to modify, to complement, to eliminate or to stop temporarily or definitively the publication of parts of the pages or all the supply without specific warning.


Connections and bonds

If he accedes himself to references, that exceed the area responsibility of the operators, direct or indirectly through bonds, the operator will only be responsible if he already knows the contents and if technically possible and outside reasonable to avoid the use in the case of illegal contents.

Here we declared explicitly that at the time of the creation of the bond, one has not connected to illegal contents in the pages where they appear bonds. In the present and future design, the contents or the responsibility of the tie pages, the author does not have influence absolutely.

For those contents that especially go far from and, for damages which they could bring about of the use or nonuse of these types of presented/displayed information, only the supplier of this page is responsible, and not who talk about to the corresponding publication through bonds. This restriction is equally valid for external book entrances of guests and forums.

We only used bonds, to give to our guests the possibility of obtaining additional data. However, a bond does not mean that we recommend the other corresponding pages or that we make our these contents.


Legal validity of the responsibility exemption

The responsibility exclusion is part of our supply of Internet, with which it talks about this exclusion. If fragments or formulations of the text no longer correspond completes partially or with the valid legal situation, the remaining fragments of the document will be in their intact content and validity.


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CIODE, Center Investment Gold Spain Diamonds, is a company formed by a team of specialists whose primary target is to advise and to facilitate the gold investment, silver (ingots or currencies) and diamonds, as much to individuals as to organizations, approaching through a periodic advising and objective our proposals of investment to all those clients that they look for in the acquisition of our products, a safe and profitable value in the medium and long term. We invited to the visit of this Web site to him, to consult the price of gold and hoped to be able to advise the best thing to him than we know.

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