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History and commercialization of Gold

The gold has been throughout history the used liquid assets more. This it surpasses paper money as soon as he is changeable by any currency, leans back by itself.
She has been fundamental protagonist of the history of the man. The found oldest review goes back to 6,000 years before Christ, with obtenicones of auriferous earth in the borders of the Nile.
It gave to it had whom it to be able economic and therefore politician, power on the things and “the people?.
At the beginning of century XX, it was a refuge of the great fortunes, mainly after the great gold discoveries in America and South Africa, before the international tensions that end at the world wars.
Until the aim of World War II, the gold of each country is the counterpart of its paper money, emitted and half of payment of grandres international commercial operations.
With the purpose of to look for a monetary stability, the gold that had raised of 20 $ ounce in him century XIX 35 $ ounce after the depression of the thirty, one pays attention to this last value and the United States it guarantees the convertibility. From the crisis of the oil of 70 years and the strong Arab demand east unique price is broken.
This it stops having for the States the value of reseva of his currency and the currency market works more in relation to the economy of each country that with its reserves, for that reason the great Central banks that accumulate stocks, begin to sell it of slow but continued form.
The economic development fomena the consumption of jewelry shop and gold like investment refuge, and so the exedentes are absorbed and happening of official hands to individuals.
It does not seem preposterous to think that once the exedentes in a world more and more developed are run out, with hundreds of million new consumers and a production impossible to increase strongly in the short term, the price gold increases to unsuspected levels.


Old historical review

* 6000 years a. C first appointments on gold in Egypt.
* 1350 a. C. first appointment of the use like means of payment by Nemes Pharaoh.
* Jasón and argonautas robs the vellocino of gold.
* Aaron constructs the gold yearling calf.
* Moises captures 230 kgs. of gold to the Medianitas.
* The gold mines of king Salomón could be the ones of the mountain range of Aracena.
* The queen of Saba makes a present to king Salomón of 5 tons of gold
* In the century I SAW, Cresus, king of Lydia, coins the first gold currencies.
* For the construction of the Partenón 900 kgs of gold are used
* Phoenician creates the city of Huelva for the exit of gold, silver and copper of Tharsis.

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